Special Services





The number of surgeries that can be performed by the spay/neuter van is limited based on the size of animals requiring the surgery. On average, the van can perform up to 12 surgeries per day. Appointments are not required, the surgeries are determined on a first come-first serve basis. Due to the difficulty of performing hysterectomies to sterilize female animals, the veterinarian may limit these surgeries.



Sterilization surgery is a major surgery.

The owner(s) of the pet should expect to leave the animal at the spay/neuter van for a few hours. If you have a cat or kitten please bring them in a carrier.


If you plan to spay or neuter your pet through the Mobile Pet Vet, please arrive before our starting hour (and even earlier on Saturday) to secure a surgery. Also please follow these pre-surgery guidelines: *Arrive 60 minutes before opening time


1. Pets brought for spaying/neutering should be fasting, nothing to eat after 8 pm the evening before surgery.


2. Puppies and kittens (5 months - 1 year fully vaccinated) should not have solid food after 10 p.m. of the night before the surgery. Water is ok.


High-risk pets that may not be spayed or neutered due to health risks include:


>Younger than 5 months
>Older than females 2 years, males 3 years of age
>Obese Animals (for their breed and size)
>Females in heat, pregnant or are still producing milk
>Males whose testicles have not descended
>Animals larger than 50 pounds

>No aggressive animals

No Dobermans (due to blood complication)              



For customers needing vaccinations and/or micro chipping ONLY!!!…Please arrive after 8:00 am to avoid a wait while we tend to customers and pets that have arrived for spaying/neutering services. 


>We only Vaccinate Healthy Pets

>Please keep in mind that we do not provide consultations, diagnostics, and or exams

>If your pet is sick please take them to a stationary clinic

>If your pet is younger than 6 months do not put them on the floor and please keep them secure from other pets